Sunday, August 21, 2011

thanks, dad...

parents are always the best in everything. they care for you endlessly.

last friday i went out with my family to buy 'kurung' to be wore on Raya and a few new clothes. i must say that girls are complicated when it comes to shopping. it can takes forever just to buy one or two clothes! haha. we went to shah alam in the quest of searching baju kurung for the four of us. it was hard to search for the ones we like in terms of the design and cutting. fussy? maybe. :D but serious, susah sangat. but alhamdulillah, we managed to find what we've been looking for! (but not exactly like what we have on mind. but whatever la kan.) :p later on, we went to OU as my father wanted us to go and buy a few outfits. despite the fact that his children are all girls, so obviously the time taken to search for the ones that we love, takes a long time.. but my dad is the best! he patiently waited and accompanied the four of us to find baju. ;) after semua dah settle, we went back to my aunt's. the next day, they sent me back to campus, on saturday night. he insisted on sending me even after i kept on saying it's okay to let me go back on my own as i do not want to troubled them. but a father is always the best. he said this, "takpe, biarlah babah hantar awak balik. if awak balik sendiri, dah la malam, then who is going to pick you up? takkan nak naik taxi sorng2?" then i said,"alaaa takpe lah babah, boleh je. insya allah okay." later on he replied,"takpe, babah hantar. after berbuka and solat sume, kte gerak g melaka ok." after he sent me to campus, he drove all the way back to my aunt's place! see? that's why i love my father very much because he protects his daughters sebaik-baiknya selagi boleh. overprotected? naaaah, i won't put in that way. it shows how much he cares. :')

the reason why i posted this on my blog is to show the world how much a father can love his child to the extend that he'll troubled and burdened himself instead of seeing his child experiencing it. to show how much he would give just to see his child to be happy at all times. how much we daughters are the world to him.. :')

Saturday, August 20, 2011

if i were a boy...

if i were a boy, i think i could understand, how it feels to love a girl, i swear i'd be a better man, i'd listen to her, cause i know how it hurts, when you lose the one you wanted, cause he's taking you for granted, and everything you had got destroyed...

but you're just a boy, you don't understand how it feels to love a girl, someday you wish you were a better man, you don't listen to her, you don't care how it hurts, until you lose the one you wanted, cause you're taking her for granted, and everything you had got destroyed

but you're just a boy...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Don't Worry..

first of all, i wanna say i'm sorry.

maybe it's true what my friends always say. i cepat suka org. tapi ade je among them yg i betul2 suka. but like i said, whenever i wanna get serious with someone, poooof, they're gone. nk buat cmne, xde rezeki. but still org cakap i nie jenis yg main2. haihhh. and if i ade tersuka smeone yg dh otw with smeone, i'm so sorry. it was not on purpose and was never my intention. but don't worry. i'll never get the guy pun..

Monday, August 15, 2011

RAYA 2010 :D

one big happy family from my dad's side. oh how i missed this moment. can't wait for next Raya to arrive! woohooo! ;D


This is something for us to think about and figure out why...

Are You Beautiful?

the word 'beautiful' is very subjective. depends on each individual on how to defines it. is it true that being perfect means u're beautiful? then what if u're not? in this world, no one is perfect. so, no one is beautiful, izit? hmmm. so what does 'beautiful' really means? being skinny? being flawless? being rich and famous? hmmm. and do you think that by having a good sense in fashion means u're a beauty genius? yes it's true that fashion plays an important factor that contributes to good looks, but do you think that's enough? to some people, fashion is everything. well to me, i must admit that im a fashion addict too. but that doesn't mean that i have to buy branded items just to mke me looks like somewhat a fashionista. as long as im comfortable with what im wearing and im ready to go. trust me, just be urself. for me, beauty is not entirely about looks, makeups or clothes. true beauty comes from being urself. the more you show who you really are, the prettier you will be. :) be a trendsetter, and try not to be a follower (but once in a while boleh la, i pun ikut trend gak kadang2. haha). *wink wink* ;) and if beautiful means skinny, than i'm not that beautiful. Haha. :D like i said, different people, different opinion. :)

so, what's ur personal definition of 'beautiful'?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

the bitter sweet of a weekend :))

weekends supposed to be fun and enjoyable, right? but naaaaah. as for me, last weekend was on the contrary. haha. since all of my roomates went home, i was left alone in that small and confine space of peace and serenity, aka dorm room. malam jumaat, as in on friday, i tak tahu nak buat ape smpai basuh baju dua baldi (hell bnyk okay!) :D but mission accomplished eventho it was tiring.. :) then, later on that night, i went to my beloved juniors dormitory to have a sleepover. kononnya nk lepak minum teh tarik dkt dining, but tak punn. sbb dyeorg tido. haha. i dgh annur je yg still wide awake which led us to watch cte "sekali lagi". it is one nice film i must say. (clap hands) :') then, esk pagi, i woke up the same time as them, which was at 8. sbb ade PPKP (that's why la dyeorg bangun awal. haha. kalau tak, hampeh. haha sorry girls!). heeee. :D after balik bilik, saya pun bersiaplah utk ke kelas ganti IR. haihh. hari sabtu pun kene g kelas. haha. :D after balik kelas, balik bilik terus sambung tgk cte "Secret Garden". layan sampai tertido. 1850 baru lah saya terbangun. terus siap2 g berbuka ngan afiq and nazrul. balik bilik tgk cte tu balik, til late night. tak perasan tertido pukul berapa. sahur terlepas, bangun2 je (almost noon la jugak) tgk lappy terpasang, lampu terpasang. baru tersedar yg aku tido sorng2 dlm bilik rupanya. berani jugak aku nie. LOL :D (bangga sikit). after i bathed, continue watching "Secret Garden", hoping that any of my roomates will come back anytime bfre waktu berbuka. but waited til 6, sorng pun tak balik lagi. so i called alya and asked her whether i could join them fr dinner. and they said YES OF COURSE LA BOLEH. hahaha :D so i pun gerak la ngan alya and adri g pasar AG (which a lot of money has been spent on food and drinks. ngaaa) and berbuka at their house. BESTTTTT! sampai2 rumah, tgk annur baru habis masak. mcm wow jugak ah. and plus, she said this to me, "Kak Wathif, i know you love to eat nasi a lot. so i masak nasi bnyk sikit hari nie fr you." sumpah terharu okay time tu! awwwwwh. haha ;p masuk waktu, semua melantak mcm tak mkn setahun. and the best part is, sambil menjamu hidangan, tgk lah tv sekali. cte "Maut" plak tu. insaf la gak. heeee. takut okay. pastu, maka bermulalah perjalanan kami ke campus tercinta.. hmmmm. even tho my weekend started out dull, but towards the end, it was pretty awesome. thanks to them. love you guys! <3 THE END. rotfl ;D (maseh sbb sudi baca. haha :p)