Sunday, August 21, 2011

thanks, dad...

parents are always the best in everything. they care for you endlessly.

last friday i went out with my family to buy 'kurung' to be wore on Raya and a few new clothes. i must say that girls are complicated when it comes to shopping. it can takes forever just to buy one or two clothes! haha. we went to shah alam in the quest of searching baju kurung for the four of us. it was hard to search for the ones we like in terms of the design and cutting. fussy? maybe. :D but serious, susah sangat. but alhamdulillah, we managed to find what we've been looking for! (but not exactly like what we have on mind. but whatever la kan.) :p later on, we went to OU as my father wanted us to go and buy a few outfits. despite the fact that his children are all girls, so obviously the time taken to search for the ones that we love, takes a long time.. but my dad is the best! he patiently waited and accompanied the four of us to find baju. ;) after semua dah settle, we went back to my aunt's. the next day, they sent me back to campus, on saturday night. he insisted on sending me even after i kept on saying it's okay to let me go back on my own as i do not want to troubled them. but a father is always the best. he said this, "takpe, biarlah babah hantar awak balik. if awak balik sendiri, dah la malam, then who is going to pick you up? takkan nak naik taxi sorng2?" then i said,"alaaa takpe lah babah, boleh je. insya allah okay." later on he replied,"takpe, babah hantar. after berbuka and solat sume, kte gerak g melaka ok." after he sent me to campus, he drove all the way back to my aunt's place! see? that's why i love my father very much because he protects his daughters sebaik-baiknya selagi boleh. overprotected? naaaah, i won't put in that way. it shows how much he cares. :')

the reason why i posted this on my blog is to show the world how much a father can love his child to the extend that he'll troubled and burdened himself instead of seeing his child experiencing it. to show how much he would give just to see his child to be happy at all times. how much we daughters are the world to him.. :')